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Machinery Concept SL

لوگو Machinery Concept SL
Machinery Concept SL سے San Sebastián de los Reyes:

Our machinery division is divided in several well spearated segments so it makes it easy for you to find the right machine for your project.

Our transparency and professionallity gives us the opportunity, to offer you always the right solution with the maximum guaranty and the best after sales services.

Herr Thomas Hell
Palomar 9
28708 San Sebastián de los Reyes

مزید کی فہرستیں & مشینری کی پیشکش پر
ویکیوم کام موقف (6292)

with 1 vacuum disc 250 D. clamping head turnable, tiltable with underframe, dismounted, cleaned, newly lacquered, vacuum disc and sealings renewed, without pump, new parts: ......

دووالل لنگر INDUO 1G-M20/240

The main objective of the thesis is to show new directions for the development of three-dimensional joined member structures in wood. The Induo-dowell-anchor was developed by Induo......

ورفہربآرر ہوبسچ ایم آئی ٹی بودانرہمان Beck TLH 2000

Verfahrbarer Hubtisch mit Bodenrahmen und gebremster Rollenbahn für Einlaufbereich der Flächenlackieranlage . Gesamtbauhöhe 310 mm eingefahren . Technische Beschreibung der Einzelp......

ہنروں ذخیرہ Mitec Fräslagerung mit Motor

Milling bearing with motor. Engine: 11 KW / 400 V shaft: d 50 x 320 mm V-belt drive: n=4300 1/min. Screw-on flange: 160 x 220 mm Mubjh8 Price per piece: EUR 680,00 2 pieces availab......

بار ٹیپ Aigner

Spare parts for an AB integral stops. Cueoqdu0 Bar tape with all Rails.......

ہوبٹاسچ HS 300 groß ایم آئی ٹی پلاتٹی * Vorführer * [...] 191.10.1

- fahrbarer Scherenhubtisch mit Doppel-Horizontalscheren und Buche-Multiplex-Arbeitsplatte, 30 mm dick - Betätigung für den Hub Auf/Ab erfolgt über eine hydraulische Dwcrgi Fußpump......

سومالل ٹاور BRENTA Taut-G

Diameter of leaflets 1,200 mm Maximum width of sheet 150 mm Maximum cutting height 1,000 mm Bdt8hodbqu Maximum diameter of logs 1,400 mm......


Lagerort: Nattheim Hsnffzv......

András امدادی موٹر Vertrieb: Andras Steuerungstechnik HD115 A6 - 64 S mit Bremse

Servo motor with planetary gear and encoder Engine: HD 115 A6 - 64s motor brake. Transmission: PL 115 S / MO / VO, Neugart Cmwbmaj0 Translation: i = 64: 1 Wave: d 25 x 50 mm Encode......


Lagerort: Nattheim Nl3pn......

جوڑوں کے لئے ہنروں کٹر OMAS 120/3

Code: 0609 Brand: OMAS Model: 120/3 Milling cutter for joints Diameter 120 mm Height 30 mm Bhca8bec Hole 40 mm......

کٹر ریباٹانگ LEISER 120/2

Code: 0610 Brand: LEISER Model: 120/2 Rebating cutter With 2 knives Hblc3ame Diameter mm 120 Height mm 70 Hole mm 40......

ریباٹانگ کٹر کے ساتھ 4 چھریوں FINK 140 MEC

Code: 0619 Brand: FINK Model: 140 MEC Beuovwrgxz Rebating cutter with 4 knives Diameter mm 140 Height mm 50 Hole mm 30 Max n° turns 8000......

کومماسساونسواگان Unicar

Lagerort: Nattheim Bewuufaxoq......

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